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When a court date is scheduled many weeks ahead, you may forget about the hearing. However, the Alpharetta courts might not take the matter lightly if you fail to appear before the court.

If you forgot about your court date, or you missed a hearing for some other reason, it may be wise to speak with an accomplished defense attorney about your options now. An Alpharetta failure to appear lawyer may be able to provide you with the guidance necessary to avoid or reduce the severity of a failure to appear charge.

Forfeiture of Bonds in Failing to Appear Cases

In many instances, a person’s failure to show up in court might mean that the bond payment could be forfeited. However, per the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §17-6-72(a), in some situations bail might not be lost. Under the statute, if the person who missed their court date can present evidence from a doctor that they were physically or mentally impaired, the tribunal may excuse the nonattendance. This may mean that the bail payment might not be forfeited.

If someone is unable to appear in court because they have been detained by Alpharetta law enforcement, the court would understand the nonappearance. The court may also not order the forfeiture of the bond. A talented Alpharetta failure to appear lawyer may be able to assist persons who in fear of having their posted bond forfeited.

Failing to Show Up for an Alpharetta Traffic Hearing

After receiving a traffic citation, some individuals in Alpharetta may be mandated to attend a court hearing. Per O.C.G.A. §40-13-58, the failure to appear at a traffic infraction court date might be treated as an admission of guilt.

An adept failure to appear lawyer in Alpharetta may have helpful suggestions for those who did not attend their court appearance after receiving a traffic citation.

Refusing to Attend a Trial Upon Release from Bail

If someone is released from custody on bail or on their own recognizance, but then they fail to appear in court to face felony charges, they could face greater penalties. In accordance with O.C.G.A. §16-10-51, nonattendance in court after being accused of a felony could lead to an added accusation of felony bail jumping. If the Alpharetta court convicts someone for felony bail jumping, they may be fined $5,000 and be incarcerated for one to five years. However, a persuasive attorney may be able to convince the court that the accused individual had a valid reason for missing their court date.

Contact an Alpharetta Failure to Appear Attorney Today

If you failed to make it to your scheduled hearing, you might be in trouble with the Alpharetta courts. Moreover, if you are not able to present a valid excuse for missing a court date, those who posted your bail could forfeit it.

Contact a capable Alpharetta failure to appear lawyer today if you are concerned about what might happen upon missing a criminal hearing. A competent local counselor may be able to persuade the court that you had a valid excuse for missing the court session.


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