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In Florida, when you are accused or convicted of committing a criminal offense, the state would make that charge available to the public for view. Fortunately, the state also makes it possible for the expungement of criminal records, granting individuals a second chance at living a normal life.

If you wish to make your criminal history unavailable to the public, it is strongly urged to retain the services of an Alpharetta expungement lawyer. A seasoned criminal attorney may be able to review the details of your record and have your record potentially sealed.

Expungement of DNA Samples in Alpharetta

A person may be asked to provide a DNA sample during a police investigation, or they might volunteer one to assist with law enforcement’s fact-finding. If they are later charged or convicted, but the conviction is overturned or dismissed, they may be able to have their DNA panel removed from the database.

As has been codified by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §35-3-165, individuals whose convictions are no longer valid may petition to have their DNA profile expunged. In the meantime, DNA that was acquired in good faith may be retained until the court orders the expungement. A skilled expungement attorney in Alpharetta may be experienced with cases involving DNA evidence and genetic panels.

Alpharetta Criminal Records Restrictions, Corrections, and Sealings

In accordance with the O.C.G.A.§35-3-37(d), a person who suspects that there are errors or omissions in their criminal history record may petition to inspect them. If they locate and prove the mistakes made, they may be able to have their records changed or augmented accordingly.

Another option that may be available to an Alpharetta resident is the restriction of their criminal records, including fingerprints and photographs. Individuals who were investigated, but never charged, or who were charged but never tried, may have their records restricted from view.

After getting the investigatory materials restricted, an individual may then apply to have those records sealed. The Alpharetta court orders the sealing of records if the potential harm to the privacy of the individual outweighs the public’s right to information. An Alpharetta expungement lawyer may be persuasive in arguing in favor of the sealing of records.

Alpharetta Child Abuse Registry Expungements

If an individual in Alpharetta finds that their name has been included in a government child abuse registry, either by error or misrepresentation, they may be entitled to an administrative hearing on the matter.

Under O.C.G.A. §49-5-184, upon receiving a petition, an administrative panel may hear arguments about whether the named person in the registry is not the person who was involved in the substantiated child abuse. If the panel finds that there is no credible evidence that the petitioner was the person who committed the abusive acts, they may expunge their name and information from the registry. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer today.

Speak with an Alpharetta Expungement Attorney Today

A talented Alpharetta expungement lawyer may be able to assist with petitions for the destruction of police and court records, as well as issues where records have remained public after dismissal or reversal.

Additionally, if you are worried about your privacy, and do not want the government having your DNA, you might be able to have the genetic panels removed. Contact a local legal professional to discuss your situation and get started on your case today.


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