Drinking and Driving without a License in Alpharetta

Being accused of driving without a license could have a significant impact on your driving privileges. Not only could your license be further suspended, but it may also be revoked. However, when this offense is charged in addition to a DUI, the penalties may be much more severe.

If you have been accused of drinking and driving without a license in Alpharetta, reach out to an experienced attorney today. No matter if you are an in-state or out-of-state driver, you may benefit from professional legal assistance. To get started on your case, schedule a consultation today.

Potential Penalties for Drunk Driving Without a License in Alpharetta

If a person is accused of drunk driving without having a license, their license would be suspended or revoked. A person could face additional penalties such as a minimum of 48 hours in jail and a minimum $500 fine. There may also be a separate probation sentence of 12 months pending a conviction. This offense would be charged in addition to a DUI offense.

Driving Without a License is an Aggravating Factor in DUI Cases

Drinking and driving without a valid license could aggravate a DUI charge. Regardless of the state’s evidence of DUI, any judge or jury is going to look at the defendant and conclude that the alleged drunk driver should not have been driving at all in the first place. It also makes it more likely that the alleged offender would be convicted not only of the driver’s license offense, but also of the DUI offense.

Out-of-State Drinking and Driving Without a License

The State of Georgia and all of Alpharetta has no authority to suspend an out-of-state license, but they do have the right to suspend a person’s privilege to drive in Georgia. In addition, an out-of-state driver may also have to fight against any action taken by their home state. It is for these reasons that an out-of-state driver accused of drunk driving without a license contact a DUI attorney for help. An experienced Alpharetta DUI defense lawyer could leverage their knowledge regarding driver’s license laws by informing accused individuals of their legal options.

Application of the National Driver Registry

The driver’s license registry is a clearinghouse where states share information on traffic offenses and driver’s license status from state to state. For example, if a person were to get a DUI in Alpharetta and they had an out-of-state license, that would show up on the registry. The home state could act against the person’s driver’s license if they discover on the registry that the person is under suspension in Georgia. A local attorney can help out-of-state drivers facing a DUI charge in Alpharetta. Our attorneys have a network of other attorneys around the United States that handle DUI cases.

Work with an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney Today

When you decide to work with an attorney following a drunk driving without a license accusation, you increase the likelihood of mitigating the allegations made against you. However, to make the most use out of the assistance a professional lawyer could provide, it is best to act promptly following a charge. If you currently find yourself in a similar situation, be sure to schedule a consultation today.


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