Going to Jail Following a DUI Arrest in Alpharetta

When a person is arrested for a DUI offense, individuals should expect to be taken to jail. Although no one wants to be held in a jail cell, being taken to jail is a part of the arresting process, and people should inform themselves of this process.

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What is the Arresting Process for a DUI Offense?

Following a DUI arrest, the defendant is taken to the local jail to be booked-in and fingerprinted. Once an individual has been booked, they would be placed into a holding cell. At some point during their stay, they will be given an opportunity to contact a relative or a bonding company to try to obtain a bond to get them out of jail.

A person might be expected to submit a breath test in jail when they have been placed under arrest for DUI, read implied consent, and asked to submit to a breath test. Generally, the breath test is done with the police department and then they are taken to jail.

Depending on the person’s record, if a judge denies bond, a person can be held in jail for a DUI until trial. Generally, however, there are preset bonds for DUI and the person will be held so long as for only as long as it takes them to post bond.

Medical Resources Available in Jail

At the jail in Alpharetta, there will be medical resources available such as a nurse on call if there is any medical emergency. Alpharetta is a small jurisdiction, so there is no full-time nurse on staff. Every jail, no matter how large or small, has a plan in place so that if there is a medical emergency, it can be addressed in short order.

Jail-Related Penalties for a DUI in Alpharetta

For a first-time DUI offense, there is a mandatory minimum 24 hours. For a second offense within 10 years, there is a mandatory 72 hours. For a third offense within 10 years, there is a mandatory 15 days in jail. A fourth offense or more would then be considered a felony. Some judges do not always give the minimum jail time, choosing instead to give the defendant “credit for time served” from the night of their arrest. Oftentimes, there are elevated penalties above the minimums, depending on the evidence in the case and the defendant’s driving history.

What is a Mandatory Minimum Sentence?

A mandatory minimum sentence is a penalty that the sentencing judge cannot go below. A judge cannot sentence a person to jail less than 24 hours on the first offense DUI in 10 years, less than 72 hours on the second offense in 10 years, and less than 15 days on a third offense within 10 years.

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Anytime someone is arrested for a criminal offense, individuals may be taken to jail, booked, and ordered to remain in a jail cell before their bond is posted.

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