Expert Witnesses in Alpharetta DUI Cases

Fighting a criminal charge of any kind does not come without difficulty. When the State charges someone of a criminal offense, they believe they have the evidence necessary to obtain a conviction. However, just because the State has evidence does not mean that their evidence is free of error. With the help of an expert witness, you may be able to challenge the evidence in the prosecution’s case.

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Common Types of Expert Witnesses Hired for DUI Cases

Examples of expert witnesses commonly used in Alpharetta DUI cases include experts related to breath testing. These types of experts can give an opinion on whether the device used to measure a person’s intoxication was properly maintained, the test was properly administered, and the person’s rights were not violated upon arrest. In addition, if the arrested individual was involved in an accident, an Accident Reconstructionist can share a professional opinion about whether the accident was caused due to the person’s level of intoxication or another outside factor.

Challenging a Chemical Test with the Help of an Expert Witness

Individuals can retain expert witnesses to try to minimize, neutralize, or exclude evidence. Having an expert that can help neutralize the perceived value and reliability of a blood, breath or urine chemical test can make a difference in the defense of a person’s case. In many ways, the findings of a chemical test are the best piece of evidence that a prosecutor may have in a case. An expert could help demonstrate why the prosecution’s findings may not be as reliable as the prosecutor claims.

How Credible is Expert Witness Testimony?

The reliability of an expert witness is for the jury to determine. A jury’s impression of a witness depends on the specific expert in question and the testimony they provide. For example, a person with a specific type of specialized knowledge may be trusted to give an opinion regarding the more technical components of a claim, such as a field sobriety testing expert explaining how a person’s medication may have altered a person’s results. The more specialized a person’s background is, the more likely the jury will trust their testimony.

Benefits of Retaining an Attorney with Access to Reputable Experts

Not every attorney has a network of experts they can reach out to for help with litigating a DUI case. The only way to build a network of these types of resources is to handle more cases on a regular basis, and over time. By doing so, an attorney will have a better perspective available to help them defend the case.

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