Alpharetta Conspiracy Lawyer

The goal of a criminal conspiracy statute is to prevent serious crimes from occurring. As a result, you do not need to carry out the underlying criminal offense to be convicted of conspiracy. Since a conspiracy conviction can harm all aspects of your life, you may wish to look to an Alpharetta conspiracy lawyer for counsel and advice.

The prosecution must prove every element of the conspiracy statute beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conspiracy conviction. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to examine the evidence in support of the charges and determine the best possible defenses in your case. By getting the legal advice that you need in this situation, you may be able to fight back against the charges that you are facing.

Conspiracy to Commit a Crime in Alpharetta

Individuals commit conspiracy according to the Official Code of Georgia § 16-4-8 when they conspire with one or more individuals to commit a crime. To constitute a conspiracy, however, at least one of the co-conspirators takes an affirmative step toward completing or carrying out the crime. To prove that individuals engaged in a conspiracy, the prosecution must provide evidence that the individuals had an agreement to commit a crime. The law does not require a written contract. Instead, there must be an understanding between co-conspirators that they have the collective intent and purpose of committing a crime.

Furthermore, if the crime occurs, a co-conspirator could still be convicted of conspiracy to commit that crime. However, these individuals cannot be convicted of both the offense and conspiracy to commit the crime under O.C.G.A. § 16-4-8.1. An Alpharetta conspiracy lawyer may be able to protect the rights of individuals throughout their criminal proceedings.

Penalties for Alpharetta Conspiracy

A conviction for conspiracy to commit a felony could result in a minimum sentence of incarceration of one year. The maximum sentence is not more than one-half the maximum amount of time that individuals could receive if convicted of the underlying crime. These individuals may also receive a fine that is no greater than one-half the maximum fine that they would have received if they committed the underlying offense. Individuals can receive one or both of these penalties.

Additionally, individuals facing a conviction for conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor can receive up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. If the conspiracy was to commit a crime punishable by life imprisonment or death, then the potential prison sentence ranges from one to ten years.

Talk to an Alpharetta Conspiracy Attorney for Advice

Conspiracy is a common criminal charge in the state of Georgia that law enforcement authorities often charge in addition to other criminal charges. In many cases, it can encourage individuals to provide information to the police about their co-conspirators in exchange for a reduced sentence.

A conviction for conspiracy to commit a crime can have significant implications for your future, even if the crime never occurs. You may face a conviction for conspiracy even if you do not take any overt act to carry out the crime. In this case, you still may be liable for the reasonably foreseeable acts of your co-conspirators. As the consequences of a conspiracy conviction can be devastating, you may want to consult an Alpharetta conspiracy lawyer as quickly as possible after the prosecutor files charges against you.


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